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The Trail of the Suspect in the Berlin Attack
  1. Germany to roll out mass holding centres for asylum seekers
  2. Special Topics: Children Archives - Asylum Access
  3. Relatives of 2016 Berlin Christmas market terror attack victims slam Merkel

Born in Tunisia in , Amri has used six different aliases and posed as a citizen of two other countries — Egypt and Lebanon. Amri also had contact with a known Turkish Islamic fundamentalist, Hasan C, 50, who worked in a travel agency in Duisburg-Reinhausen where he is believed to have radicalised young Muslims, and with Boban S, a hate preacher from Dortmund. In July, Amri was involved in a knife attack in a row over drugs. He went underground when police tried to question him. According to an anti-terror investigator speaking on condition of anonymity to German media, Amri had sought accomplices for a terror attack in early , and had shown an interest in weapons.

Germany to roll out mass holding centres for asylum seekers

Despite authorities being made aware that he wanted to buy a pistol, there were apparently no attempts to take him into custody. His family said they were shocked by the news that Amri was the main suspect in the Berlin attack. We were in touch through Facebook and he was always smiling and cheerful. I was the first to see his picture and it came as a total shock. He has four sisters and a brother; it was unclear if they too were being questioned. A security source said Amri had fled Tunisia after the revolution in which the longtime dictator Zine El Abidine Bel Ali was overthrown , and spent three years in Italy before moving on to Germany.

His application for asylum in Germany was rejected in June this year but authorities were unable to deport him because he did not possess the right documentation.

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The attack on Monday night left at least 12 people dead, including a year-old Polish man who was found shot in the truck's front seat, as well as 48 others hospitalized with injuries. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere confirmed Amri's fingerprints were found in the cab of the truck. His bid for asylum was rejected in June, and papers related to the application were reportedly found at the scene of the attack.

Amri was not deported due to hold-ups with his paperwork, which according to AFP had just arrived in Tunisia on Wednesday. Ralf Jaeger, interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, said at a Wednesday news conference that Amri had been living in Berlin since February. According to the Associated Press , Amri has used six aliases and claimed to be from three different countries.

Special Topics: Children Archives - Asylum Access

State prosecutors in Berlin opened an investigation into Amri in March, following a tip that Amri might be planning a break-in as a way of paying for automatic weapons to use in a possible future attack, according to the AP. The investigation was closed in September after no evidence was found supporting the tip. Surveillance during that time showed that Amri dealt drugs in a Berlin park and was involved in a bar brawl, AP reported. German magazine Der Spiegel reported that Amri was mentioned by authorities in February as part of an undercover operation, and that authorities believed he had ties to ISIS.

Relatives of 2016 Berlin Christmas market terror attack victims slam Merkel

Jaeger also said counter-terrorism officials had exchanged information about Amri in November, AFP reported. He was suspected of preparing "a serious act of violence against the state," which prompted officials to begin an investigation, Jaeger added. The official told the Times Amri was on the radar of US agencies and that he had conducted online research on how to make an explosive device.

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She tried a UN-provided hearing aid but it was uncomfortable and Anis kept pulling it out. There Rohingya refugees tell their stories through performance and acting, portraying issues like police corruption; employment disputes; gender based violence; arrest and detention; access to health; access to education and employment opportunities; and access to financial services. Rose, the caretaker of SID showed Rahena and Anis around the school, the classrooms and the space where students would learn how to bake cookies and bread as part of their vocational training.

While the school typically accommodates Malaysian deaf children, not Rohingya, they made an exception for Anis.

Berlin truck attack: asylum seeker suspect was investigated in terror probe - TomoNews

Anis quickly made friends. For the first time in his life he was meeting other children like him, and the children were curious as they learned for the first time what a refugee was.