PDF Build Your Own Backyard Birdhouses and Feeders

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Solid Roof, Screen Tray, Large Hopper, Wooden Bird Feeder Plans
  1. Solid Roof, Screen Tray, Large Hopper, Wooden Bird Feeder Plans
  2. 28 Homemade Bird Feeder Ideas
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  4. 5 easy DIY bird feeders
  5. 28 Homemade Bird Feeder Ideas For Your Garden

Canned Food. Courtesy thecurtiscasa.

Solid Roof, Screen Tray, Large Hopper, Wooden Bird Feeder Plans

The Perfect Pour. Courtesy mysocalledcraftylife. Tea Time. Courtesy erinscreative. Blue Plate Special. Courtesy of Hometalk. Colorful Condo. Courtesy thegardenroofcoop. Snack Rings.

28 Homemade Bird Feeder Ideas

Courtesy theartofdoingstuff. Bright Idea. Courtesy tonyastaab. I love seeing all the different bird feeders and getting new ideas. Thanks for the link party. Thanks a million for featuring my work with your friends and fans. I woke up this morning to your email subscription and BAM! I wish everyone a fantastic weekend and well wishes for lots of creative endeavors! Thanks so much for the lovely party.

I love the creative bird feeders you featured this week; so clever! Thanks for the party! Thanks for the party Donna! I love all the bird feeders!!!

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Oh my god!! So love it! I got here too late to link up but those bird feeders are amazing!!! Have a Happy 4th!!! Any metal is a really BAD idea!!!

The last thing birdlovers want is to fry the birds!!! Post a comment! Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Christine at PM on June 28, We are both overdue here! Lyuba willcookforsmiles at PM on June 28, Thank you for your fabulous party!

How to make a 2 cent birdhouse.

Have a great weekend, Donna! Virginia at PM on June 28, Love the features, Donna! Thanks for hosting! Thanks so much for hosting!!!! This is a great project for gift-giving so if you know someone who really loves birdfeeders, consider this for their holiday gift. Via — Allparenting. An old flower pot will make a beautiful bird feeder.


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You will need to drill holes in the pot so that the birdseed will come out. You will need a plastic bottle with the top cut off and this will need holes drilled in as well. Get creative when you are drilling the holes and make a pattern so that they are functional and decorative. Via — Allthingsheartandhome. With a few planks of wood and an old bottle, you can make your birds a lovely bar that dispenses birdseed around the clock.

You will need a bottle that has a screw cap and something to hang the feeder when you finish it. You will need something under the bottle to hold the food as well. Via — Espritcabane. An old tin can and some sisal rope can be combined to make a beautiful feeder for your birds.

5 easy DIY bird feeders

Just wrap the rope around the can be sure to use a clean can and bend the lid in half so that the birds can get to the food. You may want to put something for a ledge so the birds have something to stand on when eating. Via — Dabblesandbabbles. You can create birdfeeders in all shapes and sizes when you mold them. If you have cookie cutters, you can mix gelatin and water to create a base and then add birdseed and mold it in the cookie cutters. Once the mold sets, you can hang these little feeders anywhere with string.

Via — Eighteen If you have an outdoor wedding coming up, or you just want to decorate your lawn with beautiful vintage teacups, make birdfeeders out of them. Bamboo sticks will hold the vintage teacups and saucers and they look beautiful together. Imagine the people you could please and the money you could save. Via — Intimateweddings. You can create a beautiful and very aromatic birdfeeder by simply slicing an orange in half and removing the inside. Then just fill with birdseed and hang. You can poke holes in the orange and tie twine for hanging.

These are really cute feeders and so easy to make. Plus, you can make two feeders from each orange and they smell wonderful. Via — Sheknows. Head to your local craft store and pick up a few twig spheres. Just spread peanut butter on the spheres or cones and then coat with birdseed. Use old fabric or lace to hang. Once the birdseed is gone, you can recoat and hang again. Via — Moorea-seal. Thee are wonderful ideas except for the fact that birds do not really want their nests exposed as in the shoe. It attracts predators and is an easy kill. Is a feeder Which is represented here the same thing as a birdhouse.

The more open and accessible, the more at risk the babies are. I have seen actual nests built in shoes. It is also the location of the nest not just the nest itself. Birds and squirrels can coexist. It does not work for me either, but this is because I have more taste than using garbage as a birdfeeder. It is much more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye to use something natural like the birdfeeder out of the tree trunk.

28 Homemade Bird Feeder Ideas For Your Garden

That fits in with the environment much more smoothly. Unlike using plastic bottles and ghetto crap that you found in the dumpster. Wow some people just like to here themselves talk! Ghetto Crap? Amazing arrogant. Maybe you can think of a more sightly way of using the waste so that more people will put out the feeders? Also not mentioned is that feeders, houses, and birdbaths all need to be regularly cleaned to avoid the spread of disease. Not being very computer literate, I have trouble navigating through your site — I was interested in making the wine bottle bird feeder, but never did find the actual instructions????

I also was unable to navigate to find directions to make the wine bottle feeders.