Manual How to Hire and Train Outsourced Workers

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For some businesses, cost and culture can be factors.
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  2. How to Outsource Customer Service The Right Way
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  4. Outsourcing vs. In-House Hires: Pros and Cons
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First, you should explain the rationale for the outsourcing. This likely will include a number of reasons, such as competitive pressures, advanced technology, customer needs, and financial performance. You should explain why outsourcing was chosen over other potential options such as mergers, acquisitions and organization restructuring.

Contract Worker regularized by Railway Psu IRCTC, Kya outsource worker ko bhi regular karenge

Further, you should describe in detail how the outsourcing will be utilized to benefit your organization, your customers, and your employees. These communications should be open and honest, but measured as to the content and timing.

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The initial communication generally should be at a formal meeting with, at a minimum, all affected employees present and delivered by both a respected leader in your organization and a human resources representative. Follow-up communications often are effective using techniques such as smaller, less formal meetings.

Town-hall style meetings with employees and management also can be effective.

What to expect from this article?

Your employees understandably will be concerned and worried about any outsourcing decision you make. Accordingly, you should discuss with those employees directly impacted by the outsourcing how the transaction will affect them. For instance, those employees being transferred to the service provider should be advised that they are being shifted into a revenue-producing function as opposed to a non-core function of your company or organization.

Accordingly, there likely will be greater opportunities for recognition, career advancement, and reward programs for these individuals.

How to Outsource Customer Service The Right Way

Those individuals being re-deployed in your existing organization will continue to remain valued employees and will be given new opportunities and new challenges. Some employees, unfortunately, must be advised that they are being severed because there is not a position for them with the service provider or in your existing organization. Regardless of the option for a given employee, you should be mindful that the new job, new position or loss of employment is being imposed on the employee and not selected by the individual. Therefore, even though the transition will have challenges and difficulties, you should accept the responsibility and stress to the employees that you will endeavor to make the outcome as positive as possible for each employee.

Besides certain communications you should provide to your employees, there are a number of employee protections that you can utilize to minimize the likelihood of employee anxiety and any employment problems. For instance, the contract with the service provider can specify that any transferred employees will receive comparable salary and benefits.

Additionally, the contract could guarantee employment for a certain period of time absent any egregious conduct by the individual. There also should be a detailed implementation plan to help transition the affected employees, and human resources should stay involved. For those employees being re-deployed within the existing organization, you should ensure that those individuals are properly trained and integrated into their new roles.

Finally, for those individuals being severed, it certainly is advisable that they receive the benefit of outplacement services and a severance package that is appropriate given their present position.

Avoiding Employment Problems In Outsourcing - DiMuro Ginsberg:

In addition to these specific employee protections, management, with the assistance of legal counsel, should ensure that the transition plan and contract to transfer services to the service provider has a governance process in place so the transferred employees are under the control of only the new company. This can alleviate any joint employer concerns.

So, what’s the right choice for you?

If you retain a measure of control over the employees of the service provider, you may find yourself responsible for any employment or labor law violations committed by the provider. For example, Amazon recently was sued for the failure of a trucking company with which Amazon had contracted to pay overtime to truck drivers. The truck drivers also drove trucks and wore uniforms branded with the Amazon logo. To avoid a joint employer claim, like that facing Amazon, make sure that control of the individuals who perform the outsourced work rests entirely with the service provider, not your organization.

Therefore, with the assistance of all members of corporate management, you should proactively help shape the media coverage for the outsourcing transaction.

Outsourcing vs. In-House Hires: Pros and Cons

You want to ensure, to the extent possible, that there is an accurate and positive perception of the transaction as being in the best interests of your organization and its employees. My Filipino workers and I created OnlineJobs. Our programs offer a revolving door of tools to help hire, train, and manage those Filipino workers. Our mission is to secure jobs for third-world citizens and give YOU a chance to grow your business and create time for the things you love.

Thank you for all the work you do, because it tremendously helped my business. I have actually outsourced all my work to the Philippines.

When and How to Outsource Training

If I don't have to touch it with my hands, I outsource it. She is working out wonderfully. The guy you found for me absolutely rocks. Thank you so much, John Jonas and team, for putting together this invaluable resource. Outsourcing creates more time for James to be with his family and pursue the things he loves. It also gives him the opportunity changes the lives of his Filipino workers for the better. Why outsourcing is a completely attainable game-changer, even for beginners!