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Capture the main point or points.

So make sure that you clearly articulate and emphasize the main points. Try your talking points out on a friend and see what main points your friend takes away from them.

Think about your audience. Who is the audience for the presentation? How much do they know about the subject matter?

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Worst Case Scenario. And read on about his big hunch. Acting DNI Testimony.

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This Week. Whistleblower Complaint.

Threats to PE Licensure

TPM Cafe. There has been so much news since Tuesday that we're back with a breaking news podcast, discussing the release of the whistleblower complaint and acting DNI Apple iTunes Google Play Spotify. Masthead Masthead. Investigations Desk:. Front Page Editor:.

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Executive Publisher:. Streets roads footpaths and permits. A-Z guide to waste and recycling. Bindy the Waste and Recycling Chatbot.

The City of Titusville, Florida - Titusville Talking Points

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