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Paradise Lost: Book 1
  1. The Sixth Book of the Aeneis. Vergil. Aeneid. The Harvard Classics
  2. A Collection of Skeletal Writings
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Forgotten Scroll.

The Sixth Book of the Aeneis. Vergil. Aeneid. The Harvard Classics

Home Reviews. End Of All Time 2. Good Guitar 3. Summer Fades Away 4. Celtic Cross 5. Waited So Long 6.

Out Of The Blue 7. Faceless Waters 8. Searchin' 9. Amber Glass Eye Of The Stygian Witches Follow Us. Latest Reviews. Latest Interview. September 15, There were really a lot of things to be discussed, as this is the very first interview that took place after the band's reunion. There is new music, there is this sudden or not so sudden? Sakis spread some light to all those topics that waited for years to be clarified and to many new ones, as a new journey to the end of an infinite horizon has already started!

Such as an unfortunate strung up by his hands and feet. Perhaps the listener is in for something a little off center with disregard for the norm.

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The introduction boasts a dark fantastical element and more than enough creepiness to go around. The music bursts with riff after riff and an air of unpredictability, ala Arsis. Slightly technical Rather than traditional. Shred-tastic death in a similar vein to Arsis as opposed to acts who offer mere chuggery and depend on formulaic structures. An image which showcases the oceans, its depth and tempestuous nature. Plodding riffs, a thick sludge-laden distorted aura, varied tempo and a definite ominous nature. An unrelenting nature which appears to be sublime in its approach though bears a definite menace boiling beneath the surface.

Only two tracks in this instrumental doom opus, though this bears enough riffs and atmosphere to please most fans of the genre. Invoking a myriad of emotion, the instrumentation herein is varied ranging from calm to raging, from a mellow texture to more one embroiled with a surface which is precarious to traverse. The second track depicts a descent into madness exquisitely utilizing white noise elements as frothing waters against palm muted effects to illustrate an abrupt break from reality. Of course, that is merely my take on this. Decide for yourself and support the scene by clicking on the above link.

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Renaissance, Dante-esque in aura. An intricate grey tone print which may or may not speak volumes about the music itself. An Entombed buzzsaw texture, with an At the Gates feel. Melodic death with punch, complete with a blackened ominous nature and plenty of atmosphere. A fantastic introduction to the band and a fantastic way to set about showcasing a debut release.

I am intrigued. A kaleidoscope of styles assaults the listener almost instantly within a mix that incites disorientation, discombobulation, a state of nauseum of sorts leading to madness I would only predict following a slew of repeated listens. Synth dances erratically with gore grind sensibilities against a growling backdrop bringing to mind the more experimental works of The Berserker. Only two tracks in this one, a teaser if you will, a mere sampling of the audio lunacy on offer. This is certainly different than the normal, uhh… anything.

Recommended for those who like to traipse into realms of the audio obscure, the brave and those who demand audio to tug at their curiosity.

A Collection of Skeletal Writings

A skull motif superimposed on an industrial site. I have good reason to believe these chaps have a great deal to say about something, and a cause to rally upon. Hitting play….

Medicine - Broods

Gritty and energetic sporting go for the throat riff attacks broken up by breakdowns leading into swirling rhythms. Well, as it happens, this album sports both. Fantastic build up adds to the albums atmosphere to draw the listener deeper. Six tracks run close to twenty-nine minutes but the album boasts a damn sight more depth than one might, at first, imagine based on those figures. An intoxicating blend of harrowing black and doom metal cavorts displaying at times a suffocating atmosphere and often oozing with a melody which makes one want to sway rather than destroy their immediate surroundings.

Add this to the list of albums you probably missed out on though need to definitely check out! Thanks again tom Emil for this Recc.

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I believed them to hail from Norway too! Take my credentials away, banish me to the wastes, do what you may. Until recently that is, when I discovered for myself that the genre is a lot more diverse than I had originally imagined in effect blasting its stereotype to smithereens! Blistering, vicious, wicked with an emphasis on sharp riffs, speed, insane drumming and snarling venom-fueled vocals to match.

The album continued and my love affair blossomed in full radiant bloom. Perhaps I need a nap in between future, repeated, listens?


Search results for 'Stygian'

Suffice it to say I recommend this album wholeheartedly and I am only that much closer to full immersion into the waters of the dark side. Home Welcome. Stay updated via RSS.