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Herndon’s sources
  1. Mike McHargue
  2. “Simply a Theist”: Herndon on Lincoln’s Religion
  3. The genesis of Herndon’s lecture on Lincoln’s religion
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Mike McHargue

Lissa considers taking her own life on a number of occasions, either by overdosing on her medication or running her car into something. She tells her father she hates him and wishes he had died instead of her mother: She feels if she and her mom had been left alive, at least they could have worked through their pain together. Ev's teenage sister kills herself in a car wreck one of the many times she had been drinking too much. Drugs: Ev briefly mentions a young man who came to his driving lesson high and cursed at Ev for refusing to take him driving.

A few days later, the teen killed a mother of three in a hit-and-run accident. Lying: Both Silvano and Ted lie regularly to their employers and other people to achieve their career and financial goals. Silvano steals an unpublished manuscript, and Ted steals money from S. Green's account to put into someone else's in an effort to cover up his illegal trading. Lissa lies to her dad about where she's been because she doesn't want him to know she's been riding her horse which he feels is dangerous.

An episode of UNSPOKEN

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Christian Fiction Contemporary Drama. Plugged In helps college student stand-up for his belief "Thanks for the great job you do in posting movie and television reviews online. We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well. Positive Elements. Spiritual Content. Sexual Content. Violent Content. Crude or Profane Language. Drug and Alcohol Content. Other Negative Elements.

Pro-social Content. Objectionable Content. Summary Advisory. Plot Summary When a tragic car accident kills Lissa Randall's mother, Lissa's life comes to a standstill. Christian Beliefs Janelle and her husband, Brian, are missionaries in France. Other Belief Systems Janelle briefly mentions hearing about some of the dangerous incidents taking place around Halloween time in America. Authority Roles Lissa's deceased mother is described as someone who always supported and encouraged her daughter's educational and equestrian activities. Discussion Topics If your children have read this book or someone has read it to them, consider these discussion topics: Why do Annie and Ev keep their pasts and Ev's writing career a secret?

If you were one of their daughters, would you have felt deceived, or would you have understood their decision?

What does the Bible say about lying by omission? What does Ev have on his side of his car that comforts Lissa? Why is this brake pedal significant? What does Ev say to Lissa when she admits that she hears voices?

  1. Fear to Courage (Freedom Series).
  3. St. James Orthodox Church - Paradise and Hell in the Orthodox Tradition;
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What does he tell her about thinking vs. What key message does S. Green try to get across in his novels? Do you agree or disagree that nothing in life is random? What has happened in your life to make you adopt this point of view? Have you ever suffered from depression or known anyone who has?

“Simply a Theist”: Herndon on Lincoln’s Religion

What brought on the depression? Was it a particular incident, or a chemical imbalance?

What are some ways to help and encourage a person who is depressed? What are some things not to say or do? How can having a faith in God aid in a person's recovery from depression? What is the message in this story concerning alcohol use and abuse? Lauren's voice in the world is a gift to all of us. Her experience and wisdom are expansive, and yet, she holds it with such humility and reverence. Her strength as a mother and multi-faceted intellect bleeds through every moment.

Lauren shares with such honesty, vulnerability, courage, and self-awareness that the world needs more of. Emmy Raver-Lampman. In this episode of Unspoken, we welcome actress and singer, Emmy Raver-Lampman — most popularly known for starring as Angelica Schuyler in the Tony award-winning Broadway musical Hamilton. She is currently starring in the popular Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy, and has also made television appearances in the hit series A Million Little Things.

This conversation with Emmy, Miles, and Ruthie is equally as vulnerable and inspiring as it is irreverent and hilarious. This woman is powerful and her ambition is contagious. There are so many beautiful truths she unpacks that have been realized out of the unfolding of her own life.

JESUS IS -- Spoken Word

We are so inspired by the light, vibrancy, and never-ending curiosity inside of Emmy that bleeds through this conversation. Ryan O'Neal. Many of you have probably heard of Sleeping At Last, but unfamiliar with the man behind the music and artistry. Ryan is a Chicago-based signer-songwriter, producer and composer who makes music under the name of Sleeping at Last.

In , Ryan began the long-form concept project, Atlas, which is an ongoing series of new music to be released over the course of many years. In , Ryan began The Sleeping At Last Podcast in which he explains the process and inspiration behind his music, one song at a time. He is currently hard at work on Atlas: Year Two: 25 new songs which explore the themes of human development; sense, emotions and a song for each of the nine unique Enneagram types. Ryan is such a gift. We are touched by the way he shows up in the world, his kindness and childlike imagination bleeding into everything he creates.

The stories he shares about where his love of music first began, the inner-critic that he constantly navigates, and the joys of being a father are incomparable. We hope this conversation leaves you inspired to find connection, healing, courage and strength to leave no important words unspoken.

The genesis of Herndon’s lecture on Lincoln’s religion

James Shaw Jr. In this episode of Unspoken, we have the honor of sharing our conversation with James Shaw Jr. Determined to turn the tragic course of events into a stepping stone, James is committed to using his voice and personal experience to make a major impact in his community. James is currently making appearances and speaking at schools, universities, corporations, conference, etc.

This episode is particularly special because this is James' first podcast interview since the Waffle House event. Morgan Harper Nichols.

Words unspoken : an invitation to christian faith author Peter Schmiechen epub download free

In this episode of Unspoken, we have the deep privilege of sharing our conversation with Morgan Harper Nichols — a writer, artist, and musician who makes her work around people and their stories. Morgan spent the first few years of her adult life as a college admission counselor, and then, as a full-time touring singer-songwriter and musician. It was on the road that she cultivated her curiosity and passion for the written word and art, and slowly began to share her art with others online.

Ever since then, she has created countless pieces of art inspired by what others send her — and then, sends them the art, for free. As an artist, Morgan has collaborated with publications and brands including Coach, Darling Magazine, Esquire Singapore, Jungalow, and more.